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Star Wars Omnibus Droids and Ewoks Graphic Novel

Star Wars Omnibus Droids and Ewoks Graphic Novel

Based on the 1985 Saturday mornining television cartoon series of the same name, the Star Wars Omnibus Droids and Ewoks Graphic Novel explores further adventures in the lives of the Ewoks on Endor and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO. The Ewoks become embroiled in the dangers of their planet – lizard warriors, underwater kingdoms, magic spells – and the outside world – pirates, invaders, and more! The droids encounter more than 1 new master, war droids, megaweapons, time travel, and even Ewoks! One of the most memorable stories involves the original Star Wars movie retold from the perspective of Artoo and Threepio! This omnibus collects all the issues of the Ewoks and Star Wars: Droids comics series, released in the 1980s by Marvel’s imprint Star Comics. Collected for the first time ever! Written by David Manak and George Caragonne. Drawn by Warren Kremer, Ernie Colon, John Romita, and Mary Wilshire. 528 pages. Ages 12 and up.

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